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Hanami Restaurant Cresskill STORY

A Celebration of family, fortune & fun!

Many years ago, before there were skyscrapers, cars and computers, before there were electronic games and television, extended families lived together, dined together and enjoyed walks in the woods together. People of many different cultures shared the appreciation of beautiful forests, home to towering old trees that had witnessed hundreds of years of history. The Chinese and Japanese especially revered the great beauty of the flowering cherry tree. The elders believed that the spirits of their ancestors inhabited the tree’s limbs and branches, ready to offer counsel when asked, and the luscious fruits of the tree were viewed as precious gifts, portending great fortune. Thus began a tradition of “Hanami,” a festive gathering of people of all ages in a special place to celebrate the joys of family, fortune and of course, food.

Welcome to our contemporary Hanami, an experience like no other. A “celebrasian” of all that is good in life: precious family, dear friends and mouth-watering food prepared with “inspirasian” and “imaginasian.” Bring your friends and loved ones and we’ll provide the “Hanami Experience,” an inviting and magical environment complete with the freshest and most unique sushi, traditional Chinese dishes, and incredible tea blends. We offer everything you need and a few things you won’t expect, to make it a time you will remember. All guests of Hanami will leave happy and enriched.

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Google Reviews

Scott Kim

Absolutely pleased with tasty appetizers, fresh sushi, and orange beef that’s one of a kind…perfect place to hang out, enjoy drink variety + BYOB and mini dishes all night long with good friends!

Natalie S Bergamini

Wonderful experience. Food was delicious and mad fresh. Staff very friendly and polite and great service. Already making plans to go back!

Zhi Qiang Yu

My must go restaurant every time I travel to Jersey. Their food is amazing! Staffs are very friendly. Price is reasonable and their sushi is the best. Highly recommended!


Hanami in Cresskill is a wonderful place to go! It is my family’s go-to place, we eat there and get take out all the time. The portions are very large and plenty. Their menu has a wide variety, something for everyone! Two thumbs up!

Priscilla Chow

BEST FOOD EVER! They are very punctual when we order take out and are very respectful. It is our family’s number one go to for sushi, Japanese and Chinese. The food is to die for and there is a huge variety of food to choose from. It’s my favorite place!

Nikoo Kalantari

Been a favorite sushi place over years. We were the first ones to enjoy the new renovations. Excellent sashimi platters and the service is on par with the finest. Definitely recommend.